Rotorcraft Services Division

Tour operators, aerial applicators, power-line patrol and Part 135 helicopter operators have all come to depend on CammAir for rapid response maintenance. CammAir has quickly become the leading provider of rotorcraft maintenance services for Iowa and surrounding states.

A Robinson Authorized Service Center, CammAir has the tooling and inventory to meet all of your R22 and R44 maintenance requirements. Our capabilites continue to expand to meet the needs of Bell JetRanger (206/206L) and Allison/Rolls Royce 250 operators.

Email for additional information regarding our rotorcraft services division.

Robinson Helicopter Fuel Tanks

Robinson Helicopter Company issued revision B to Service Bulletin SB-78 on September 29, 2012. This revision requires the Bladder Fuel Tank Retrofit to be accomplished no later than April 30th, 2013. Robinson currently has retrofit tank kits IN STOCK.

Contact CammAir to schedule your R44 tank retrofit installation.